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Jade Michelle.

Perhaps I'll leave this place. I've far horizons to explore. The world is wider than my feeble vision, and echoes can not see. I feel a calling to depart from the commonplace and usual. My perception has been dulled by repetition. And so I'll leave, take up my hopes, and travel far, to that waiting destination until existence again bores me. Then I'll leave once more.

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Tell Me Secrets,

I am not too worried. I figure that once I decide to grow up, I can spend the rest of my life recovering from my youth.

I seem to have this talent for screwing everything up. Why can’t I have a more useful talent?

I have more with you than the sarcastic comments that I hang like ornaments to decorate dull conversations with artificial sparks. You fill the space I create around myself to keep others at a distance. It scares me but I welcome it.

I do apologise for the confusion I caused, and for the lack of catharsis that you anticipated.
 I did all I could, but all I could be, was me. And that’s not much.